The obstacles Brendan Andrews faced as a child and teenager inspired him to forge a career in personal training, and he’s relishing helping others take a step in the right direction.

Brendan Andrews and his dog Willow: Photo supplied.

“I went from being a little overweight through primary school and getting a hard time because of it, then went the other way during high school, becoming disordered with my eating,” personal trainer Brendan Andrews said.

His own health struggles set him on a path to Forever Forward Fitness (FFF).

“The idea of Forever Forward Fitness comes from that. You continue moving forward and you learn through those obstacles that you face, and these obstacles become your story,” he said.

“I want to help people at different ends of the health scale. I take pride in a holistic health approach from physical training, nutrition, and mindset for wellness.”

FFF has been in operation now for nearly seven years and the Cardiff business is continuing to grow and expand within the Newcastle community.

Andrews’ goal for the business is to be a driving force for each member of FFF.

“I am here to help people achieve their goals and to remain solid with a holistic health approach. I want people to achieve their health goals long term, not just as a quick fix,” he said.

The current lockdown across NSW has meant Andrews has needed to pivot the business to online and digital-only.

“It is really hard to be forced closed immediately,” Andrews said.

“Fortunately, we are still at a size that we can adapt and be manoeuvrable, however for the meantime, we are sticking with our strengths and holding on tight!”

Andrews has been offering two 45-minute Zoom classes per day to his clients with the goal of keeping the group bodyweight classes fun and upbeat. 

At the end of each class, Andrews keeps the online platform open for his clients to engage and speak with one another. 

“The gym is the core of the business, however by allowing my clients to chat with each other after the session, it supports their mental health and provides strength to tighten our community,” Andrews said.

The FFF team, from left, Maddison, Brendan, Joshua and Willow the Golden Retriever is in the front row. Photo supplied. (Taken before COVID restrictions)

Due to the expansion of the business, Andrews has employed two additional personal trainers, who have been a part of FFF since the beginning of the year. 

“Josh and Maddi are going really well, developing their own skills, building their client base and becoming an integral part of the community,” he said.

Andrews’ growth plans for FFF include branching into a second space in the local area along with moving into the corporate sector to support large companies with a holistic wellness program and provide tips for keeping the workspace healthy.

“I want to push our holistic message onto a bigger audience in workplaces because a lot of workplaces aren’t supporting that way of looking at things,” he said.

“If we know you are physically fit, you are mentally well, you are going to be showing up at work being more productive and being a better part of the culture within the workplace.”

Andrews also wants to push FFF’s message of a holistic health approach into schools across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. 

“School was where my fitness journey started, and I know kids can be so vulnerable at that stage of life. If I can provide an authentic, caring message of all-around health in a passionate way, it can be a solid foundation for long-term health. I think it is important to teach kids that.”

Andrews is opening his daily bodyweight classes offered via Zoom to the general public to engage with at home. These classes are complimentary and open to anyone who may be looking at making a positive change to their lifestyle.

For more information follow Forever Forward Fitness on Instagram or visit the website.

Jayden Fennell

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