Singer-songwriter Natalie Davis will release her first EP on November 5, and fans will get a glimpse of what’s to come when she launches her first single, Pretenders, this Friday, October 22.

Singer-songwriter Natalie Davis. Image: Ash Naylor

Music has been a huge part of 21-year-old Davis’s life for as long as she can remember.

“I was always considered the black sheep of the family,” said Davis, who grew up listening to The Beatles.

“My siblings were very active and sporty, and I was only interested in singing, dancing and putting on talent shows for my family.”

Davis grew up in Bathurst in the Central West of NSW, where she enrolled in music lessons from the age of nine and vocal training from the age of 12.

Once finishing high school in 2017, Davis enrolled in a Law degree and relocated to Canberra.

“One semester into Law and I was bored to tears,” she said.

“I hated it, and realised Law was not the right fit for me. 

“So, I decided to apply for a Bachelor of Music at the University of Newcastle, was accepted, and I started my new degree the following year.

“I was very lucky to receive support from my family, who have always said to me to do whatever I would like to do, and they will support me, and I have never regretted the change.”

Davis has called Newcastle home for the past three years. Her partner, Ben, has recently relocated and is settling in well.

Davis is eager to release her first EP, Due Course, which will feature four original songs.

“I decided on the title Due Course because it encapsulates not only my course work and university experience, but the idea that explores the complexity of our minds that are forever changing and evolving through different experiences, all in due course,” she said.

Singer-songwriter and longtime Beatles fan Natalie Davis. Image: Ash Naylor

“Hindsight allows us to gain an in-depth level of understanding with everything we have been through.

“Sometimes we don’t understand why things are happening, though in due course we start to gain a little insight and I think that is what all songs represent in some way or another.”

Davis wanted the EP to be relatable and for the audience to engage with the lyrics. 

Although Davis loves all songs on the EP, her favourite is Stargazing.

“The songwriting process for Stargazing was seamless and easy to lay out,” she said.

“I felt connected in terms of the lyrics, and it could not have been more authentic.

“I would not change anything about it, and I cannot wait to release it as the final song on my debut album.”

Music icons such as Joni Mitchell and Australian indie rock group Gang of Youths are inspirations for Davis as she loves their approach to songwriting and their creative and insightful lyrics. Davis’s biggest musical inspiration, however, are The Beatles.

“I am a diehard fan,” she said.

“The love for The Beatles came from my parents, who influenced my musical upbringing.

“If we ever went on a long family car trip, all we would listen to is The Beatles albums.”

The Beatles have had such a big impact on Davis, she named her tuition school Marmalade Sky Music, referencing lyrics from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Davis opened the school, at The Station, 110 Scott Street, Newcastle, in July this year.

“I was previously teaching at a tuition school, which needed to close due to COVID and restrictions,” she said. 

“It was so hard at the time, and the students were sad to be leaving with the thought of finding another school, so I thought I would start my own.

Natalie Davis’s passion for music continues to grow, both as a performer and a teacher. Image: Ash Naylor

“I started the school by myself, offering singing and keyboard lessons, and now we are expanding with the inclusion of Chris Turner, who is a fellow musician and plays guitar, and is also in his final year of uni. We offer our students guitar, bass, drum lessons along with a digital workspace.”

Davis plans to offer holiday workshops and vocal groups in the future, and said she owed her loyalty and support to the students.

With the prospect of finishing her degree at the end of the year, Davis is turning her attention to growing the new business while her passion for music continues to grow.

“The thought of finishing uni and not knowing what to do next was a little scary before, though now with the business taking off and the option of expanding, building connections in the local industry, I cannot wait to focus on what I love every day,” she said.

“I have a lot more in the tank and new songs that I want to churn out, along with focusing on gigging, events and hopefully travelling around Australia to perform.”

Davis enjoys spending time on other creative hobbies such as painting, photography and unwinding by the ocean.

“The ocean keeps me grounded, and I consider myself so lucky that now I live so close to it.”

Davis regularly performs at The Great Northern Hotel, The Oriental, Lambton Park Hotel, along with the Homegrown Markets and the Fingal Twilight Markets at Fingal Bay.

She also enjoys playing at private events, and she considers it an honour when someone enlists her to be the entertainment at their special occasion.

You can purchase tickets to the live premiere of Davis’s Due Course EP at 48 Watt Street, Newcastle, on November 13 in the Event Space here.

To keep track of Davis’s musical journey, follow her on socials @nataliedavis_musician.

Jayden Fennell