In this Q&A series, we speak with Newcastle’s federal candidates to find out what they believe are the most pressing issues, how they plan to deliver change and why they want to be your number one vote on May 21.

In the fourth instalment, we meet United Australia Party candidate, Amanda Cook.

United Australia Party candidate, Amanda Cook.

The United Australia candidate advocates for freedom of speech and pro-choice medical treatment. She believes supporting local business and manufacturing is key to ensuring a prosperous and economically viable Australia.

Q. What do you think is the most important issue facing the Newcastle electorate? How do you plan to address this?

A. Declining industries result in a lack of long-term job security. Under Labor, we have seen the core of Newcastle’s industries sent offshore to China. The plan to address this is by increasing our manufacturing capabilities through a sensible energy policy combined with strategies that bring Australian superannuation back into our country for investment in our industries.

Q.What will your top local priorities be in Parliament? What are your top priorities regarding the wider domestic sphere? 

A. Enacting legislation to outlaw lockdowns, protecting the rights of all Australians to choose their medical treatment and preserving freedom of speech.

Q.What skills, qualifications and background would guide you as a Federal MP?

A. My qualifications, experience, real-world life skills and commitment to serving my community are what will guide me as a Federal Member for Newcastle. Whilst raising five children, I’ve worked in retail, administration and aged and disability care. I studied at the same time to become a primary school teacher and then worked in several public schools over seven years. Last year I completed an honours degree in psychology.

My husband and I run a small business. I’ve been heavily involved in my local community as an executive member of my children’s school P&C and Scouts committees, a Girl Guide leader and treasurer for the Country Women’s Association. I also volunteer as a seamstress for Australian Angel Babies.

Q. What differentiates you from the opposing parties?

A. I have met several independent and minor party candidates in the Newcastle electorate. We have been meeting weekly with volunteers from around Newcastle for the past month. We come together to discuss what is important in Newcastle, how volunteers can help us, and educate people on how the voting system works. We have many things in common: wanting to see Newcastle thrive.

What differentiates me from the other freedom party candidates is my life experiences, qualifications and community involvement. What differentiates me from the major party candidates is that I was the one marching and speaking at the freedom rallies in Newcastle to end the lockdowns, stop the coercion and keep businesses open. Where were they?

I have the backing of the United Australia Party, and our candidates can lead the country and ensure its economic viability.

Q. Who are you preferencing and why?

A.The United Australia party will encourage voters to put the four major parties last. Newcastle has been a Labor-voting town at all levels of government for far too long. It’s time for a change, and this change won’t come with the same party back in office.

Q. What is the United Australia Party, and what does the party represent for those who may not know?

A. The United Australia Party represents everyday people. We want to unite Australians; we want to see Australia become the prosperous nation it should be. We want all Australians to have the opportunity to work in the industry of their choosing and to have the opportunity to purchase their own home.

Our party is pro-choice and is based on freedom. We want freedom from medical coercion, freedom of speech and freedom to travel. But unfortunately, the government took these freedoms away from us over the last two years, and the opposition did nothing to stop them. 

 Q. Anything else Novocastrians should know? 

A. It’s time to turn off your television and stop living in fear. Get out, live your life and support our local businesses that have been struggling over the last two years before they’re gone forever.

For more information on the priorities and plans of the United Australia Party, visit their website.

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  1. Excellent interview and responses. Amanda has real world experience and is well qualified to represent Newcastle. Some very valid points about the pressing issues in Newcastle and Australia wide.

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